Fyrlykt 0.1.4 (Windows) | Art Lasovsky

Fyrlykt 0.1.4 (Windows)

Application for Loupedeck+ & DaVinci Resolve

This is the first version and it still in development, so something may not working...

The name - "Fyrlykt" means "beacon" on Norwegian.


Download App for Windows [ v.0.1.4 ] | GitHub Repo

Fyrlykt Manual [PDF]

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I would glad to hear any feedback: your ideas or any issues. Please write me email or send me DM in Instagram

Current status:

One more project status update before the big release, which will be this month for sure! Now I'm working on performance of 'Color Wheel', 'Curves' and other tools. It takes more time than I expected, but it worth that time :).
Thanks for your support and interest to my project.

Hi everyone! Just want to check up, I still working on project. I do not had so much time to work on project in July, but has made some improvements in performance and have plan to publish next release in August.
Thanks for your support and feedback!

It's in development. I'm successfuly implemented basic adjustment and color wheel controls, so it will be available in the next release.


- Current build of the app is only for Windows right now, because I don't have a Mac, so I can't build it for macOS, but I'm looking for solution...
- I'm testing it with Windows 10, Loupedeck+ and DaVinci Resolve 16 (with standard Resolve shortcuts), but it should partially work with Original Loupedeck panel and previous DaVinci Resolve versions.
- IMPORTANT! It will not work with active Loupedeck software (you need to close it), because it use MIDI channel, and only one application can connect per one device.


Next version (0.1.5) will be released in July

- Support for Color Wheels and other Color Page controls (will be available in v.0.1.5)
- Add own shortcuts and save multiple "user" configurations

I have plans for further development and support more features and customizations, like in Loupedeck CT and more. I'm will be happy to any support and to hear your feedback and ideas.


- Move from Python to Golang for better performance (also fixed issue when some shortcuts may not working).
- Fix issue with FN + Knob shortcuts.
- UI improvements.
- Checking for new version & notify if it available.

Current features:

- you can bind all default Resolve shortcut to any Loupedeck+ button or knob (fn + button/knob also works) (original Loupedeck should work too, except few buttons..., I will add support for it later).
- you can save your custom key configuration
- app sending shortcuts only to DaVinci Resolve
- app starting minimized and hidden in windows tray (click on icon to open app window)

Special thanks:

- For my wife, Tanya Lasovsky (https://tanya.lasovsky.com) for the logotype, support and inspiration
- Erik Werlin for active feedback and testing (https://www.instagram.com/erikwerlin/)
- Neroud Suleiman for the first donation
- Loupedeck Team for this amazing tool
- DaVinci Resolve users community
- to everyone who made this awesome tools (Electron.js, React.js, TypeScript, Golang and more) which helps me to start this project

Thanks for donations for:

Neroud Suleiman | Seherzada Maljoku | sudostudio | Bruce Hyre

DaVinci Resolve & Loupedeck

Connect your Loupedeck+ panel to DaVinci Resolve

Fyrlykt — an application for your Loupedeck+ console to make it compatible with DaVinci Resolve.

Platform: Windows (cross-platform source-code)

Version: 0.1.4 (Beta)

Loupedeck+ with Davinci Resolve 16 | Art Lasovsky

Loupedeck+ with Davinci Resolve 16